Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors

Vocational Rehabilitation counselors are an important referral source for CPID services. They can help Identify potential candidates seeking employment – from transition age to adults.


Consult with consumer and counselor

  • Discuss involving information regarding local LMI, certifications available, training opportunities and academics needed.

Assist with career exploration

  • Work with area VR counselors to set up opportunities for students.
  • Consider tours of manufacturers, colleges and/or secondary schools

Academy Information

  • Supply list of academies/camps available in the area
  • Assist with application, paperwork and possible funding.


Assist with Accomodations

  • Discuss assistive technology currently using and lending options available.
  • Funded by self-pay, school provided, CPID or VR in field.

Assist with career assessment/exploration

  • Discuss Career Pathways in advanced manufacturing, IT and healthcare.
  • Explore achievement/aptitude results and interest.
  • Either funded by CPID or VE in field.




"The CPID academy truly made a difference in my client finding a job. It was close to home, short-term and piqued his interest in manufacturing.

During the academy he was screened and referred to Universal Fibers and now works there full time with benefits."

- Whitney Church, DARS VR Counselor
Pounding Mill

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Career Pathways are programs and services aligned to help students and job seekers transition from education to employment. They connect education, training, career and academic counseling so students and workers can navigate the pathway in their chosen career.

CPID focuses on career clusters in Modern Manufacturing and Logistics and Information Technology. Many manufacturers in Virginia face a shortage of workers, an aging workforce and unskilled replacement pool. Jobs in Advanced Manufacturing pay above average wages and offer benefits. Recent data shows:

  • 489 job postings for Manufacturing Production Technicians in Virginia
  • 133 logistics jobs posted in a 50-mile radius of Staunton.
  • 7,242 cyber, 1,611 software development engineer, 1,143 systems engineer and 632 systems administrator job openings in Northern Virginia.

The Manufacturing Skills Institute designed training for manufacturing credentials including Manufacturing Specialist and Manufacturing Technician. Both credentials are nationally recognized by advanced manufacturing – a growth industry in Virginia. Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center offers credential programs in manufacturing and information technology and the Virginia Community College system offers multiple credential training classes and associates degrees.IT credential training from various recognized industry sources is offered by a number of community college and private trainers.

Dream It Do It Academies are held each summer for ages 16-24 on topics including drones, 3-D printing and CNC machining. Residential academies are held each summer on cyber and robotics and water filtration systems.

For manufacturing training, adults 18 or older who are interested in stable employment and have 10th grade reading and math levels are good candidates. For logistics, an 8th grade academic level is suggested. Potential participants will be given a vocational assessment and are considered on an individual basis, with preference given to those with higher math levels and basic technology skills. For IT, individuals need a minimum of a silver Career Readiness Certification, and 12th grade reading and math skills.

Participants under CPID may be eligible for training-related technology through a loaner program. DARS/DBVI will help with job-related technology and counselors can assist with any other needed accommodations. Academic supports are available in a number of formats and may vary by region.

Both DARS and DBVI workforce specialists reach out to businesses on a continuing basis find job opportunities. Credentials will increase their access to job interviews since many employers seek or require these credentials.

Dr. Joe Ashley of DARS applied for the CPID grant. It was awarded to partner agencies DARS and DBVI in 2015. CPID provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to obtain marketable skills and credentials earn a livable wage and gain independence. The CPID grant seeks to identify and bridge gaps in career pathways for individuals with disabilities and build sustainable, ongoing, best practices.

If you have someone who is interested in learning about Career Pathways, IT or manufacturing training or academies, please email the contact at your agency:

VR counselors can refer an individual to the program. Emily and Tish can provide program information, coordinate with other grant staff, arrange assessments and offer resources to assist the individuals that we serve in planning and entering a career pathway. We look forward to working with you to provide opportunities for the individuals that we serve!

WIOA, Career Pathways, & Pre-Employment Transition Services Webinar

This pre-recorded webinar was developed in partnership with the WINTAC Pre-Employment Transition Services Team and the Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities (CPID) project in Virginia. This training provides a brief overview of career pathways and pre-employment transition services as outlined in WIOA. Also provided is an introduction to the Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities (CPID) project in Virginia, and how all three work together to support the vision for individuals, especially students with disabilities in WIOA.

Presentation materials are available for download once registered. CRC credits (1) will be awarded upon completion and submission of your evaluation. This Webinar is pre-recorded and available on demand which means participants can view this recording at any time.

To register and view this recorded webinar, please visit the following link:
WIOA, Career Pathways, and Pre-Employment Transition Services Webinar

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact Brenda Simmons bksimmons@gwu.edu, or at 816.739.7648.

Co-Enrollment Webinar

View a webinar on how WIOA co-enrollment programs benefit consumers.

CPID VR Counselor Training

View a series of PowerPoint slides used during a 1-day VR Counselor training by CPID staff and George Washington University.

Client Referral Form

Download and submit to kate.kaegi@dars.virginia.gov or tish.harris@dbvi.virginia.gov

You can find and download additional CPID forms and resources in the Document Repository

VR Workforce Studio

Listen to the latest podcast from VR Workforce Studio, featuring interviews with the CPID staff.

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