The Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

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DARS Workforce Plan†2004-2009

What is workforce planning?

Simply stated, workforce planning is the process of ensuring that the right people are in the right place, and at the right time to accomplish the mission of the agency.

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Why is it necessary?

The Workforce Plan is used to implement the agency's strategic plans, address skills imbalances, and develop a strategy to ensure that the agency has a continuous supply of highly skilled, competent workers. It lays out specific tasks and actions that an agency needs to take in order to achieve its resource goals and objectives.

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What are the benefits?

It will enable us to determine the workforce needed for tomorrow's success; compete in today's market, providing a foundation to actively train, recruit or restructure resources; bridge knowledge gaps due to attrition; achieve maximum organizational effectiveness; and combine separate initiatives into an integrated overall plan for the whole agency.

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Benefits to the agency:

  • Ensures better development of talent and to have replacements who are readily available to fill important positions.
  • Provides realistic staffing projections for budget purposes.
  • Provides clear rationale for training, career counseling, recruiting and contracting efforts.
  • Helps agency maintain or improve a diversified workforce.
  • Clarifies the need for restructuring, reducing or expanding a workforce.

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Benefits to managers:

  • Provides the human resource information needed to manage programs more effectively.
  • Allows managers to anticipate change.
  • Provides strategic methods for addressing present and anticipated workforce issues.

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Benefits to employees:

  • Opportunities for increased learning and cross training
  • Maintain staff workloads at manageable levels
  • Better dissemination of historical agency information
  • Greater flexibility in scheduling

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DARS Workforce Plan - Files

Title Word Document
2004-2009 DARS Workforce Plan (entire document) 7/1/2004 Plan (448 KB)
DARS Workforce Plan Update (entire document) 7/1/2005 Plan (529 KB)
DARS Workforce Plan Update (entire document) 7/1/2006 Plan (496 KB)
DARS Workforce Plan Update (entire document) 7/1/2007 Plan (586 KB)
DARS Workforce Plan Update (entire document) 7/1/2008 Plan (586 KB)
2008 Workforce Plan, Table of Contents-Executive Summary Contents (73 KB)
I. Overview, 2008 Section I (75 KB)
II. Assessment of Current Needs, 2008 Section II (157 KB)
III. Assessment of Future Needs, 2008 Section III (64 KB)
IV. Gap Analysis and Action Plan, 2008 Section IV (67 KB)
V. Appendix, 2008 Section V (409 KB)